South Africa is a country that is prone to drought and water shortages, especially in the colder months, making rainwater harvesting during the rainy season a necessity.

Rainwater harvesting is the process of collecting rainwater, storing it and using it when the need arises. Rainwater is collected from hard surfaces such as rooftops.

The easiest and simplest method of rainwater harvesting involves using storage tanks that are linked to the catchment area, i.e., the rooftop.Rainwater Harvesting

There are many advantages to harvesting rainwater. These benefits include:

  • Irrigation for gardens or crops during the drought
  • Several non- drinking functions like flushing toilets, washing cars, cleaning the house and washing laundry.
  • Reduced water bills – using rainwater to do the laundry and wash cars will help reduce water costs.

Rainwater can also be used for drinking. To make it safe for drinking, rainwater needs to be collected from rooftops that are not coated with lead paint and then the collected water needs to be treated.

The practice of rainwater harvesting has been going on for many years, and many people partake in this exercise without even realising it.

A smart way to prepare for drought and water restrictions is to collect rainwater when there is a lot of rain.

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