How wonderful to see the first signs of Spring erupting as nature gets ready for another cycle of growth.  It conjures thoughts of warm summer days with the smells and sounds of rain, freshly mowed lawns and the feeling of bare feet bounding across natures lush green carpets.spring

As with all things worth having, a garden, and especially a lawn, requires a certain amount of effort for the reward of that picnic-inviting greenery.  There are a few ways to achieve this:


Grass Factory & Eco Organics makes use of organic materials to produce 2 different grades of Compost to help the Spring garden along.

Using either the Fine variant, which is packed with natural nutrients as a fertilizer replacement for both gardens and lawns as dressing, or the Course variant, suitable for flower beds, pot-plants, planter boxes and other green areas requiring a large scale carbon replacement, such as sports fields and parks etc., you are certain of creating a plush green area to be proud of.

Both variants are available in both 50kg bags as well as bulk 1m3 bags.





Gardens are always evolving and with that, new spaces are created for planting.  Grass Factory & Eco Organics Landscaping Mix is perfect for creating new beds in preparation for these plants.

If its new lawns you’re looking for, contact Grass Factory & Eco Organics for a selection of lawns ready for planting. We also do lawn-laying, so give us a call for a free quote.


So you have taken extra good care of your lawn over the winter months and now require an extra little boost to thicken your lawn.

Using the Grass Factory & Eco Organics Lawn Dressing, spread evenly across the lawn, you will achieve a healthier, thicker and greener lawn, before the height of summer. Keeping a lawn at its finest is a matter of regular maintenance. Mowing on a weekly basis is a must, cutting at a height of 2.5 – 4cm for your average lawn and 5cm for high traffic lawn areas, will keep the lawn at its best.

Shaded areas are better cut around 7cm in height. Mowing your lawn too short, will weaken the grass and therefore allow other plants such as weeds to be able to compete for growing space.

Do not use a too sandy lawn dressing in shaded spaces on shaded variant lawns. We suggest you use the Grass Factory & Eco Organics fine compost. The fine compost dressing will filter through the grass leaves and allow the lawn to get much needed sunlight, whilst at the same time feeding the roots.

Garden maintenance is a great way to get back into nature and enjoy the freshness of spring.  Grab some gardening gloves, get your Grass Factory & Eco Organics products and get going with creating the garden of your summer dreams!

You are welcome to call or email us for any advice regarding the correct product and usage for your gardening requirement.




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