Summer is here and with that, we all tend to spend a lot more time outdoors, in the garden. Whether it’s for a braai with friends, lounging around the pool with the kids or merely getting your hands dirty doing a little digging and planting, we want our gardens and specifically our lawns to be in top form for every occasion.


Grass Factory & Eco Organics CompostTo achieve a lush green lawn you need to fertilize. Use Grass Factory Compost or Lawn Dressing to maintain the health of your lawn. A few good reasons to fertilise regularly:

  • The lusher a lawn, the less chance for weeds to grow and the easier the maintenance
  • Dressing 3 to 4 times a year with Compost from Grass Factory & Eco Organics Compost will increase microbial activity, ensuring a constant slow release of nutrients. The result will be a healthier lawn.
  • Kikuyu tends to be prone to fungal diseases, regular composting will prevent this and ensure healthier soil.

TherGrass Factory Bulk Bag Deliverye is no reason why you cannot and shouldn’t fertilise throughout the year. Your lawn as with all living things needs “food” constantly, and what better way to use Compost from Grass Factory & Eco Organics.

Our fleet of 3-ton trucks is small enough to deliver our 1 cubic meter bulk bags to any yard, estate or complex. Click on the video image to see how it works.


Grass Factory - Order Compost Bulk Bag


Mowing is essential for the health of a lawn. Here are a few important tips to ensure it will stay super green and healthy for the duration of the season:

  • The height you set to mow the lawn at the beginning of the season is the same height you should maintain for the duration
  • So how high must you set the lawnmower, it depends on the type of grass, we suggest –
    • LM Grass – the blade length of LM should be 6 – 7 cm.
    • Kikuyu Grass – in the shade the average length should be 5 – 6 cm and in the sunny areas 3 – 4 cm.
    • The general rule of thumb to mow is; cutting no more than one-third of the grass blade. This will leave enough leaves so that photosynthesis can still take place.
  • Don’t mow in the same direction, rather alternate with each mow to keep an even appearance.


Watering is essentialGrass Factory & Eco Organics Irrigation during the hot summer months unless you live in a very wet part of the country. Some tricks for successful watering include:

  • More water less often is better than less water more often. Thus allow the water to penetrate deep into the soil and thereby create a lawn with deep roots. This will prevent the lawn drying out due to shallow root systems.
  • Best time for watering is early in the morning; less water evaporates than when watering in the afternoon.

Grass Factory & Eco Organics Irrigation