Grass Factory – Compost

Grass Factory & Eco Organics manufacture pure organic compost and can supply to the public through our stores in Pretoria and Johannesburg, alternatively in bulk to landscapers, garden services, estates, complexes, schools, or golf courses.

Adding general organic soil amendments, such as compost to your garden prevents soil compaction and replenishes nutrients used up over time. Compost is known as, “the caviar of organic materials,” for its ability to retain moisture and provide numerous rich nutrients to organic garden soil for optimal plant growth and health. Without adequate soil nutrition, the health and yield of grass, blooms, vegetables, and fruits will suffer.

Our compost is made from pure organic materials that are chemical-free and do not smell and is packed with natural nutrients as a fertilizer replacement for both gardens and lawns to be used as dressing.

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Grass Factory Compost


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