Winter Maintenance – The secret to having a well-kept green lawn in winter is to start preparing it in autumn.

It might seem your lawn is dormant in winter, but it’s how the grass is cared for during this period which will make the difference to the overall health and beauty of it during the summer.

All leaves and other debris on the grass must conscientiously be raked up and put in the compost bin during autumn. The lawn will not receive proper moisture, nutrients, sunlight and air if the leaves are left on the grass. While most lawns do not grow at all during winter, they can still die if buried under any kind of debris.

Also keep in mind that weed growth does take place in summer only, the opposite is true. Weeds grow much faster in the winter than the grass, as the lawns are lying dormant during this time. If weeds aren’t controlled and permitted to grow wild over the winter, there may be very little grass left when summer comes along.

It’s a good idea to scarify the lawn in late winter, just before spring. Planning ahead is very important. You need short dry grass for raking or scarifying so bring the grass height down gradually over a week or two beforehand. This doesn’t shock the grass and allows the lawn to breathe and receive maximum light. Plan to rake or scarify on a dry day, afternoons are often best.

Cover the lawn with a fine layer of lawn dressing once the grass has been cut. You can buy your lawn dressing at Grass Factory & Eco Organics outlets in Johannesburg and Pretoria. The lawn dressing will protect the lawn from any frost, and it will nourish the grass. Be sure to water the lawn twice a week until the grass has grown through the dressing.

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