Have years of use, pets, irregular rainfall, invasions of lawn pests and weeds, or simply neglect left your lawn looking ragged?

Then you may want to remove the existing weeds and grass and start anew. It’s a big job but, like a new floor or roof, it will last a long time if you do it right.

We, here at Grass Factory, can help you with this big and sometimes daunting job! Contact Grass Factory to supply and lay your lawn and get a 10% DISCOUNT on the total of your invoice.

Laying turf is the simplest way to create a new lawn. It’s more expensive than sowing seeds, but it does mean that you’ll have an instant lawn, saving you a lot of headache maintaining conditions to get it re-established.

Once we have laid your new instant lawn, you need to make sure you water it.

  • Never let the turf dry out in the first 2-3 weeks, or until the roots have gone well down into the soil. Watering for the first two weeks is critical.
  • When you water, make sure that the underside of the turf and the first 50mm of topsoil is damp. The best way to check this is to lift the corner of several turfs to see if the soil is moist underneath and to make sure that the grass is well rooted.
  • Try to water little and often, rather than flooding the lawn, so that the soil does not become soggy. Another problem with overwatering is that it encourages the development of lawn diseases.
  • Don’t water late in the evening because the grass stays wet overnight, and this too can lead to disease. Even after the critical first few weeks are over you may have to check that the soil has not dried up.

Grass Factory will celebrate their 14th birthday this year. We have distributed more than 5 million square meters of grass since we started. We also supply turf to major landscapers, developers and the public in and around Gauteng. We have a fleet of trucks and do deliveries.

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