Evergreen GrassIf you would like a lawn that stays green throughout the year, Evergreen Gold is the grass to plant in your garden.

Evergreen suits a wide range of soil types, making it very versatile. The grass is a mixture of summer and winter growing grasses, it will maintain a better cover all year round. It is contended that turf mixtures stand up to harder wear, and there is less chance of destruction due to disease. Only top-quality varieties with similar leaf textures are used. This grass also has a high shade-tolerance.

Below, see how Evergreen compares to other grass types –


  • Dark green colour
  • Indigenous
  • Tuft Grass
  • Medium leaf texture
  • Green throughout the year
  • Moderate wearability
  • Suits a wide range of soil types
  • Does well in sun and semi-shade if maintained correctly
  • Requires approximately 25mm of water per week consistently
  • A vigorous grass, light green in colour
  • Domineering and hard-wearing
  • If cut regularly produces an excellent lawn
  • Resilient
  • Medium to coarse leaf texture
  • Needs regular mowing
  • Cannot handle heat with humidity
  • Needs full sun
  • Goes dormant on the Highveld in winter
  • Bright green in colour
  • Indigenous
  • Full sun and semi-shade
  • Soft feel
  • Slow growing – less mowing
  • No topsoil due to surface running rhizome
  • Quite hardy if maintained correctly
  • Shallow root structure
  • Cannot handle frost for long periods

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