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Grass Factory - LM
Grass Factory - LM
Grass Factory - LM

LM grass can be planted in the semi-shade and sunny side of your garden but is very sensitive for frost if it is in the open. LM grass grows on top of the ground and cannot be cut too short. If it is cut too short the roots are open and it can get damaged easily.

LM grass cannot withstand too much traffic and is much more sensitive than the Kikuyu. Don’t put any lawn dressing on LM grass.

Bright green in colour
Full sun and semi-shade
Soft feel
Slow growing – less mowing
No top dressing required
Cannot handle extreme traffic
Shallow rooted
Cannot handle frost for long periods

LM Berea has a reputation for the highest shade tolerance out of all the species. LM Berea likes the leaf to have some length and this lawn is great for semi shaded areas and around pools as it has a very soft spongy appeal.

LM Berea has a very soft blade and is a lighter shade of green than most lawns. LM Berea has a medium traffic tolerance and like buffalo should never be mowed to short. LM Berea and Buffalo have the same root system.

As it is also a creeper it can be combined with a grass such as Kikuyu to fill in the shady areas. LM Berea is also a fast grower and although it slows down in winter it will still grow in this season.

LM Berea is a medium textured broad leafed grass with good heat and fair drought tolerance.

LM - Slow growing – less mowing

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