At Grass Factory we manufacture our own organic soil products. There’s nothing better on the market! The different soils all have a different purpose, depending on your requirements.

Our compost is very high in feeding value, and microbial activity. It contains no chemicals or additives. It is ideal to recondition your soil, to fertilize your garden and lawn, and it doesn’t smell. We produce two variants; fine (8mm) and coarse compost (12mm).

With the ever-changing climate, drought and the soil erosion, compost is a must for all homeowners. It improves the health of the soil in your garden and boosts the resilience of all plants. Compost is a combination of organic matter that has well balanced elements like nitrogen and carbon. If you want to boost your plants and make them healthy then compost is what you need. Using compost has been shown to improve the efficiency of water retention, and can decrease watering requirement by 20-30%.

Ideal for raising existing flower beds or making new beds. Our landscaping mixture consists of finely sifted topsoil, mixed with a coarse mixture of organic compost or mulch, mixed with fine mixture of compost. The semi coarse texture of the mixture is useful in many landscaping aspects such drainage, compaction, high feeding, easy to use as for the shaping new and existing areas.

Our fine sifted compost and topsoil mixture, is ideal for lawn dressing after scarifying or levelling out uneven surfaces on established lawn.

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Until next time, happy gardening!

Grass Factory Organic Soils

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