All Seasons Evergreen

Grass Factory - Evergreen
Grass Factory - Evergreen
Grass Factory - Evergreen

Mixtures are less susceptible to diseases and can handle traffic better than pure cool season grasses.

Never remove more than one third of the blade length when mowing.

Requires considerably more water and maintenance than Bermuda or Kikuyu for instance.

Blend of Fescue and Rye
Tuft Grass
Dark green colour
Medium leaf texture
Green throughout the year
Requires approximately 25mm of water per week consistently
Does well in sun and semi-shade if maintained correctly
Suits a wide range of soil types
Can not grow from spriggs
Moderate wearability

Evergreen mixture is a mixture of summer and winter growing grasses to maintain a better cover all year round. It is contended that turf mixtures stand up to harder wear and there is less chance of total destruction due to disease. Only top quality varieties with similar leaf textures are used.

All Seasons Evergreen - Green throughout the year

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