Types Of Grass

Grass Type - Kikuyu

Warm Season / Kikuyu

A vigorous grass, light green in colour
Domineering and hard-wearing
If cut regularly, produces an excellent lawn
Quick cover
Coarse leaf texture
Grows in a varienty of soil types
Needs regular mowing
Cannot handle heat with humidity
Needs full sun
Goes dormant on the Highveld in winter
Requires a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight per day to thrive
Grass Type - LM

Shaded Lawn / LM

Bright green in colour
Full sun and semi-shade
Soft feel
Slow growing – less mowing
No top dressing required
Cannot handle extreme traffic
Shallow rooted
Cannot handle frost for long periods
Warm Season / Tifsport

Warm Season / Tifsport

Cynodon Variety
Bred from indigenous parent varieties
Dark green in colour
Fine leaf texture
Good tolerance of drought and cold
Fair tolerance of the shade
Suits a wide range of soil
Moderate establishment rate
Good wearability
Successful on sports fields and home gardens
Goes dormant in winter
Top performer on the NTEP Trials for 12 Years in the USA
Approved by FIFA for Soccer Fields
Grass Type - Evergreen

All Seasons - Evergreen

Blend of Fescue and Rye
Tuft Grass
Dark green colour
Medium leaf texture
Green throughout the year
Requires approximately 25mm of water per week consistently
Does well in sun and semi-shade if maintained correctly
Suits a wide range of soil types
Can not grow from spriggs
Moderate wearability

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Kikuyu, LM, Tifsport, Evergreen which grass will it be?

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