Grass Factory - Tifsport
Grass Factory - Tifsport
Grass Factory - Tifsport

Management of TifSport is similar to that of Tifway (419). However, raising the height of cut before frost, starting in September will improve winter survival. TifSport becomes dormant after frost (like all Bermuda grasses).

TifSport tolerates frequent mowing at lower heights. Mow at least weekly or more to prevent scalping.

TifSport can be planted as sod or sprigs (stolons). Sod can be installed during most months of the year. It is important to irrigate the sod as it is laid down.

Stiff, upright leaf blades give better ball lie in cut fairways and roughs
Superior turf density – 3 point advantage over Midiron, Quickstand, Vamont and common Bermudas
Performs under low nutrition and minimal management
Good lateral growth, resulting in rapid grow-in and repair
Superior traffic tolerance
Better cold resistance, color and vigor than Tifway
Denser turf than Tifdwarf or Tifgreen
First sterile triploid hybrid with improved shade tolerance
Low maintenance and fertility requirements
More resistant to Spring Dead Spot (SDS) than common Bermuda grass selections
Does not attract tawny mole crickets

With a sod density that is three points higher than comparable Bermuda grasses, TifSport is a superior choice for athletic fields, golf courses, lawns and landscaping. It has good lateral growth and sod strength and density, which make it very traffic tolerant. These features also result in rapid grow-in and repair, better playing conditions and improved resistance to divot injury in golf.

These features make TifSport preferable for athletic fields by providing better footing. TifSport is also well-suited to golf courses, where it appears to give a better ball lie in fairways and roughs and adds a more attractive appearance to the course.

TifSport - preferable for athletic fields by providing better footing

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