Firewood for Sale

Grass Factory & Eco Organics now not only specialise in grass and compost soils but also have firewood for sale.

Firewood for Sale in Pretoria and Johannesburg

We supply wood in easy to carry bags of ±8kg and ±10kg; also, bulk bags of 1 cubic meter in size. The 10kg Grass Factory branded bags include kindle, firelighters and matches.

Our firewood is sourced from selected sustainable bushveld areas in the north-western parts of South Africa. The wood is carefully selected and quality checked by a team of Grass Factory employed staff. We’ve created employment for numerous families in the local communities because of the training we provide.

The firewood for sale includes Sekelbos and a bushveld-mix which consist of a variety of soft and very hard wood types. Our Sekelbos and bushveld-mix wood can be used both for the fireplace and the braai.

A single piece of Sekelbos will give off plenty of heat and burn slowly because it is very dense and such a hard wood. The wood is cut and left to dry in the sun over a period of time. In addition, Sekelbos offers a practically smoke-free burn. It’s ideal for wood burning stoves and pizza wood ovens.

The 8kg Econo and 10kg Premium bags of wood come ready chopped so it’s easy to use and ready for the fireplace and a braai. The one cubic meter bulk bags consist of bigger pieces of wood and is ideal to be used as logs in a fireplace.

Bag Sizes and Prices

Bushveld Mix Premium Bag 10kg – R35.00 per bag *
Bushveld Mix Econo Bag 8kg – R25.00 per bag

Sekelbos Premium Bag 10kg – R35.00 per bag *
Sekelbos Econo Bag 8kg – R25.00 per bag

Firewood Mix 1 Cubic Meter Bulk Bag – R1200 per bag

– Prices exclude delivery and include 15% VAT.
– Free delivery within 15km from any of the Grass Factory stores is available on bulk bag orders or when a minimum of 50x Premium 10kg bags or 100x Econo 8kg bags are ordered.

* Includes firelighters, kindle and matches

Firewood for Sale
Firewood for Sale
Firewood for Sale
Firewood for Sale
Firewood for Sale

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Disclaimer – The weight of the bags are at the time of packing and cannot be guaranteed at the point of delivery; the wood might dry out further after packing so will weigh less when delivered.

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