ABOUT Kikuyu
Grass Factory - Kikuyu GrasssKikuyu was imported to South Africa in the 1950’s from Kenya and is used to grow sports fields, because of its fast-growing tempo. The recovery time of grass after heavy traffic and damage should be kept to a minimum. Kikuyu grass became very popular across South Africa, professionally and domestically. Until today, Kikuyu (named after a tribe in Kenya) is still the most popular and affordable lawn, because of this reviving quality. The downside of Kikuyu is, because it comes from a semi-tropical and warm climate, it cannot handle shade or semi-shade areas. Over a short time, it will fade away in such conditions. It also needs more water than other grass cultivars which is understandable, considering its fast-growing tempo. Compare this to a person with a higher metabolism that needs more food, because they burn it much faster. Kikuyu also needs to be mowed regularly – at least once every two weeks or if you want your lawn to always look good, once a week.

The watering of Kikuyu can be neglected from time to time or even if it’s left to turn brown or dry out, once you start watering it, it will revive itself in about a month and become green again. The growing tempo of Kikuyu slows down slightly during wintertime, but not that much compared to the cultivars indigenous to South Africa. The lawn texture differs from how it is maintained. The more you mow your Kikuyu lawn, the thinner your grass blades become and the finer your texture will be. Kikuyu is normally a very soft and comfortable lawn to walk, lie or play on and is bright green in colour.


  • A vigorous grass, light green in colour
  • Domineering and hard-wearing
  • If cut regularly, produces an excellent lawn
  • Quick cover
  • Coarse leaf texture
  • Grows in a variety of soil types
  • Needs regular mowing
  • Cannot handle heat with humidity
  • Needs full sun
  • Goes dormant on the Highveld in winter
  • Requires a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight per day to thrive

Grass Factory - LM GrassLM Berea has a reputation for the highest shade tolerance out of all the species. LM Berea is great for semi-shaded areas and around pools as it has a very soft spongy appeal. LM Berea has a very soft blade and is a lighter shade of green than most lawns. LM Berea has a medium traffic tolerance and like buffalo should never be mowed to short. LM Berea and Buffalo have the same root system. As it is also a creeper it can be combined with a grass such as Kikuyu to fill in the shady areas. LM Berea is also a fast grower and although it slows down in winter it will still grow in this season. LM Berea is a medium textured broad-leafed grass with good heat and fair drought tolerance.

LM grass can be planted in the semi-shade and sunny side of your garden but is very sensitive for frost if it is in the open. LM grass grows on top of the ground and cannot be cut too short. If it is cut too short the roots are open and it can get damaged easily. LM grass cannot withstand too much traffic and is much more sensitive than the Kikuyu. Don’t put any lawn dressing on LM grass.


  • Indigenous
  • Bright green in colour
  • Full sun and semi-shade
  • Soft feel
  • Slow growing – less mowing
  • No top dressing required
  • Cannot handle extreme traffic
  • Shallow rooted
  • Cannot handle frost for long periods

ABOUT Evergreen
Grass Factory - EvergreenEvergreen is a mixture of summer and winter growing grasses to maintain a better cover all year round. It is contended that turf mixtures stand up to harder wear and there is less chance of destruction due to disease. Only top-quality varieties with similar leaf textures are used.



Mixtures are less susceptible to diseases and can handle traffic better than pure cool season grasses. Never remove more than one third of the blade length when mowing. Requires considerably more water and maintenance than Bermuda or Kikuyu for instance.

Evergreen FEATURES

  • Blend of Fescue and Rye
  • Tuft Grass
  • Indigenous
  • Dark green colour
  • Medium leaf texture
  • Green throughout the year
  • Requires approximately 25mm of water per week consistently
  • Does well in sun and semi-shade if maintained correctly
  • Suits a wide range of soil types
  • Cannot grow from sprigs
  • Moderate wear ability

ABOUT Tifsport
Grass Factory - TiffsportWith a sod density that is three points higher than comparable Bermuda grasses, Tifsport is a superior choice for athletic fields, golf courses, lawns and landscaping. It has good lateral growth and sod strength and density, which make it very traffic tolerant. These features also result in rapid grow-in and repair, better playing conditions and improved resistance to divot injury in golf. These features make Tifsport preferable for athletic fields by providing better footing. Tifsport is also well-suited to golf courses, where it appears to give a better ball lie in fairways and roughs and adds a more attractive appearance to the course.

Management of Tifsport is like that of Tifany (419). However, raising the height of cut before frost, starting in September will improve winter survival. Tifsport becomes dormant after frost (like all Bermuda grasses). Tifsport tolerates frequent mowing at lower heights. Mow at least weekly or more to prevent scalping. Tifsport can be planted as sod or sprigs. Sod can be installed during most months of the year. It is important to irrigate the sod as it is laid down.


  • Stiff, upright leaf blades give better ball lie in cut fairways and roughs
  • Superior turf density – 3-point advantage over Midiron, Quickstand, Vamont and common Bermudas
  • Performs under low nutrition and minimal management
  • Good lateral growth, resulting in rapid grow-in and repair
  • Superior traffic tolerance
  • Better cold resistance, colour and vigour than Tifway
  • Denser turf than Tifdwarf or Tifgreen
  • First sterile triploid hybrid with improved shade tolerance
  • Low maintenance and fertility requirements
  • More resistant to Spring Dead Spot (SDS) than common Bermuda grass selections

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