LM Grass

This grass is indigenous to South Africa. It has a reputation for the highest shade tolerance out of all the species of grass.

It is a medium coarse textured creeping grass and is a lighter shade of green than most lawns. It is well suited for diverse growing conditions pertaining to sun and shade. The root system of LM grass grows on top of the ground and cannot be cut too short. Always remember the 1/3 rd RULE – Never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade at a time. It has moderate traffic tolerance and is a slow-growing lawn. Its slow-growing habit makes it an easy lawn to maintain.

LM Features
– Indigenous
– Full sun and semi-shade to fairly high shade
– Soft feel
– Fair wearability
– Shallow rooted – high mowing
– Warm season grass – poor frost toleration

When planting new LM lawn keep the following in mind:

Establishment – Establishment takes 4 weeks; within this phase you are to leave the grass as undisrupted as possible. This means manage traffic and no mowing. Within the 5th week of the grass being planted, try pick up several random sods/grass rolls. By this time, you should feel that it is resisting being picked up. Should this be the case, you now know that the grass has rooted/established and you can give it the first mow.

Watering – Water your LM grass every day for 2 consecutive weeks, maintaining good moisture. It is advisable that you water early morning. Watering in the evening will optimize conditions for fungicide/disease. However, if there is extreme hot weather which causes your grass to dry up, late afternoon watering is required. From the 3rd week default to normal watering regime, which is every 2nd to 3rd day depending on weather conditions.

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